Pentair Thermal Management Becomes nVent
- A New Opportunity to Spark Innovation

Your trusted brands RAYCHEM, TRACER, NUHEAT, PYROTENAX and TraceTek are now part of nVent Thermal Management.

The new company website is in development and will be launched in January 2019. Until then, we are happy to serve your information needs through our current website.

For more information on nVent:
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Heat Trace Audits

nVent Thermal Management customizes your heat trace audit based on the level of Heat Management System (HMS) detail your operation requires.

A basic visual inspection often identifies physical damage or areas for improvement in craftsmanship, whereas a comprehensive heat trace audit involves recording specific HMS performance data and compiling it in a detailed audit report.

nVent Thermal Management also can perform comprehensive damage assessments in the case of fires, explosions, or the re-commissioning of old facilities.

Heat Trace Audit diagnostics can include:
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Current (Amperage) reading
  • Resistance (Ohm) reading
  • Operational test of temperature controllers
  • Visual inspection of all accessible heat tracing components
  • Evaluation of any existing fault conditions
  • Visual inspection of insulation and protective jacketing
  • Visual inspection of all accessible heat tracing components
  • Confirmation of cable integrity (dielectric test)
  • Cable fault location test

At the completion of a heat trace audit, we provide a comprehensive report that:

  • Details observations, test results, and suggestive maintenance procedures for correction
  • Identifies potential risk factors
  • Recommends steps to improve the performance of your Heat Management System
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