nVent RAYCHEM XPI-S Series Resistance Trace Heating Cables


Series resistance trace heating cables for frost protection and temperature maintenance

RAYCHEM XPI polymer insulated (PI) series resistance trace heating cables for frost protection and temperature maintenance applications requiring long circuit lengths.

XPI series resistance heating cables allow for circuit lengths that exceed those of parallel heating cables (typically < 250 m). This makes them particularly suitable for long pipelines and large tanks / vessels. Polymer insulated (PI) trace heating cables can easily be terminated in the field. XPI-S is a reinforced version of XPI and is intended for use when the insulation system does not provide sufficient mechanical protection.

  • Continuous withstand temperature 260°C, intermittent 300°C (1000 h cumulative)
  • Available in a wide resistance range to cover most applications
  • Power output up to 35 W/m (power output by design)
  • Approved for use in hazardous areas
  • Impact resistance 7 Joule as per EN 60079-30

Key benefits:

  • Requires fewer circuits by allowing circuit lengths up to 5 km from single power supply point
  • Highest reliability and lifetime expectancy in the most severe environments
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Easy to terminate in the field
  • Highly reliable connection kits (cold applied)
  • 10 year warranty available

Unlike many other series resistance trace heating cables, XPI-S insulating jackets use a unique PTFE/ high-temperature fluoropolymer sandwich construction. PTFE retains its mechanical strength over the entire temperature range offering a variety of benefits. It significantly reduces the risk of typical failure modes of PI cables such as conductor displacement over time at elevated power and temperatures.

TraceCalc Pro design software for safe design and product selection and advanced control and monitoring products complete the XPI-S trace heating system

Technical Specifications

Maximum power output35 W/m (typical value, depending on the application)
Nominal voltage U0/U450/750 Vac
Max current loading129A (depending on cold lead size)
Maximum continuous operating temperature260°C
Maximum intermittent exposure temperature300°C
Impact resistance7 Joule as per EN 60079-30
Approved for use in
hazardous areas


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