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Freeze protection and temperature maintenance on long transfer lines, vessels and instrumentation lines comes with its unique set of challenges. RAYCHEM’s Polymer Insulated Series Heat tracing cables have been specifically developed to handle freeze protection and temperature maintenance in hazardous environments on long line applications.

The power of PTFE: Improving the total life cycle cost
The unique hybrid construction with PTFE in the jackets of the RAYCHEM XPI cables lowers the cost of ownership through increased reliability, safety and installation convenience. The hybrid PTFE construction with extruded polymers also allows for:
  • Reduced risk of cable failure, providing you with long-lasting and reliable performance.
  • Stabilized electrical insulation during the cable’s entire lifetime by controlling the cold flow phenomenon.
  • Minimal internal mechanical and thermal stress buildup, resulting in flexible and easy termination of the cable.

RAYCHEM XPI cables cover a broad temperature range.
XPI-F: For long line applications where temperature maintenance requirements are low, the XPI–F will be your cable of choice. Able to handle temperatures from -60C to 90C at continuous and 100⁰C at intermittent exposure, this fit for purpose cable can be used both in safe and hazardous areas, has an impact resistance of 4J.

XPI: Your choice for long line applications with high temperature maintenance requirements. This cable manages a temperature range up to 260C at continuous and 300C at intermittent exposure and can be used in both hazardous and safe environments with a 4J impact resistance.

XPI-S: This cable also manages a temperature range from 260C at continuous and 300C at intermittent exposure and can be used in both hazardous and safe environments. This cable provides a more robust 7J impact resistance.

Technical Specifications

Maximum power output20 W/m (typical value, depending on the application)35 W/m (typical value, depending on the application)
Nominal voltage U0/UUp to 300/500 Vac450/750 Vac
Max current loading73A (depending on cold lead size) / higher loadings can be realized, contact Thermal Management for more information129A (depending on cold lead size)
Maximum continuous withstand temperature90°C260°C
Maximum intermittent withstand temperature100°C300°C
Maximum intermittent withstand temperature100°C300°C
Impact resistance4 Joule (as per EN 60079-30-1)4 Joule as per EN 60079-307 Joule as per EN 60079-30
Approved for use in hazardous areasYesYes


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