TraceCalc Pro

Industrial Pipe and Vessel Heat Trace System Design

TraceCalc Pro is a Windows desktop heat-tracing system design software. It provides a user-friendly interface that guides you through a step-by-step process to obtain the best heat-tracing solution for your particular project utilizing world-class brands such as nVent RAYCHEM, nVent TRACER, and nVent PYROTENAX. TraceCalc Pro also provides you with important heat-tracing system design data such as: pipe heat loss, number of circuits, electrical loads, maximum sheath temperatures, etc., while providing automated heating cable and component selection solutions.
With TraceCalc Pro, you can design in a few easy steps:
  1. Enter design parameters.
  2. Allow TraceCalc Pro to give you a suggested bill of materials (BOM) exemplifying the best solution and design results—the right heating cable, connection kits and control and monitoring products for your application; or you can manually select other preferences.
  3. Submit a request for a quotation, and a sales representative will contact you with a quote.
  4. Save projects for future use.

TraceCalc Pro offers easy-to-use standard reports to summarize the heat-tracing system design results and make product ordering and procurement simple and straightforward.
TraceCalc Pro also offers advanced features such as multi-segment circuit designs, customized valve and insulation types, and advanced editing functions to meet your specific needs. Users should be experienced in heat-tracing system design before using TraceCalc Pro.

This program is a 30-day trial version that requires you to register to extend the use of the program beyond 30 days. After you launch the trial version of TraceCalc Pro, you will be prompted to register it. Once you register we will send you the validation code.
If you are already a registered TraceCalc user and you just wish to upgrade, simply download and install the latest version. Your current registration and program settings will be preserved.

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