nVent RAYCHEM Supervisor

RAYCHEM Supervisor heat-trace controller configuration and monitoring software provides a graphical user interface for RAYCHEM control products. The software supports NGC controllers with advanced User Interface Terminals, RAYCHEM T2000 AC 2000+ alarm/communications interface cards, RAYCHEM 910/915/920 Heat Trace Controllers, 780 Series/GCC-9000 Group Communications Controllers, and other legacy RAYCHEM Controllers using Modbus protocol.

The software allows you to configure and monitor, from one central location, any RAYCHEM controller which has the appropriate communications interface installed. The software also incorporates advanced features such as data logging and trending, batch and recipe processing, scheduled events, and alarm monitoring, with the ability to acknowledge and clear alarms.

RAYCHEM Supervisor has full multi-user, multi-server and networking capabilities. Devices can communicate with RAYCHEM Supervisor via simple hard-wired serial communications or they can take advantage of existing network infrastructures including Ethernet LANs (Local Area Networks), and Internet-based WANs (Wide Area Networks). Electric Heat-Tracing (EHT) system information can be accessed and managed from almost anywhere in the world, using the latest connectivity technologies. This flexibility can reduce the cost of installing communications to controllers within your facility..


While many RAYCHEM Supervisor system architectures are possible, they will generally fall into one of three types, and these in turn will use either MSDE or SQL for their databases.
  • Single Master Server, no Slave Servers, Single User (Client)
  • Single Master Server, no Slave Servers, Multiple Users (Clients)
  • Single Master Server, one or more Slave Servers, Multiple Users (Clients)
RAYCHEM Data Sheet (PDF)
RAYCHEM Enterprise Data Sheet (PDF)
RAYCHEM Operations Manual (PDF)
RAYCHEM Installation Manual (PDF)
RAYCHEM Enterprise Installation Manual (PDF)

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