Tank Insulation

Tank-Insulation.jpg Industrial tank insulation systems require a covering of insulation and jacketing to reduce heat loss or gain for large, flat-bottomed tanks that store materials that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

Tank Insulation – A Complete Heat Management System Approach

nVent Thermal Management offers a tank insulation system as a complete heat management system. Our Trac-Loc tank insulation system is a vertical double-locking standing seam insulation panel system that we construct, design, and install.

Our engineering and design services experts work with you to design a system to fit your unique applications, such as:

  • Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Tanks
  • Asphalt, Crude and Fire Water Tanks
  • Beverage and Fermentation Tanks
  • Equipment, Coke Drums and Hot Boxes

If you store materials that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations in large, flat-bottom tanks, the unique construction methods we use in the Trac-Loc tank insulation system offer many advantages over conventional insulation systems:

Cost Effective


Our Trac-Loc installation does not require scaffolding, which results in a lower total installed cost (TIC) and schedule compression.

Superior Structure

Continuous 360° interlocking seams provide rigidity that reduces moisture ingress and offers superior wind resistance.

Maintenance Free

Interlocking standing seam panels:

  • Eliminate the use of external horizontal bands that require maintenance over time
  • Do not require screws, which eliminates jacket penetrations
  • Are repairable—single panels can be replaced if damaged
Improved Aesthetics

Trac-Loc panels come in a wide range of colors that can create a unique appearance for the tank.

Premiere Complete Turnkey System

We provide Trac-Loc system as a complete turnkey system.

  • nVent Thermal Management is a global organization proven project execution strategies, and high safety standards, making us an ideal partner for our customers worldwide who benefit from our expertise, products, and services to meet their heat management system needs.
Panel Construction

We fabricate the Trac-Loc tank insulation panels by laminating insulation material to a preformed metal jacket. We can construct the panels:

  • In one continuous piece, equal to the height of the tank, eliminating horizontal joints
  • From one or more industrial tank insulation materials
  • With a jacket material that can be colored to conform to industry standards or for aesthetics

Trac-Loc Design

The Trac-Loc advanced interlock panel system consists of prefabricated panels of insulating and jacketing material. These panels, fabricated to the height of the storage tank, include standing seams that are mechanically folded together.

This mechanical seam creates a homogenous jacket that not only secures the panels to the storage tank, but also reduces moisture ingress, has superior wind resistance, and has inherent expansion and contraction properties.


The Trac-Loc tank insulation system does not require the use of expensive scaffolding during installation, therefore lowering your Total Installed Cost (TIC).

  • Aircraft-Grade Stainless Steel Cables are buckled to the circumference of the tank/vessel
  • Panels are hoisted into place and clipped to the cables
  • Adjacent panels are joined together by a seaming tool to create the final double-locking standing seam
Beauty and Performance Mark Tank Insulation System for World’s Largest TES Tank
Key Challenges

Chicago Bridge and Iron (CB&I) constructed the tallest thermal energy storage (TES) tank in the world for The Texas Medical Center Central Heating and Cooling Services Corporation (TECO). The tank is 100 feet in diameter and an impressive 150 feet tall, and used to provide water for numerous buildings in the Houston, TX downtown medical district. The key challenge was to insulate the tank so that it enhanced the appearance of the surrounding location rather than having this massive tank create an eye sore for the area.


The customer took advantage of our Heat Management System approach. nVent Thermal Management fabricated and constructed the nVent TRACER Trac-Loc standing seam tank insulation panel system with a unique pattern that blended the tank with its surroundings.

Products & Services

Our TRACER Services team, per the customer’s architectural design, successfully fabricated and constructed a Trac-Loc standing seam tank insulation system with the unique pattern that blended the tank with its surroundings. The team also coordinated the detailed planning, shipments, and scheduling for the project; and successfully installed the various colored panels spanning the tank sidewall, creating the unique appearance of the tank.


The end result was a superior tank insulation system that also enhanced the appearance of the surrounding location. No scaffolding was needed which resulted in a lower installation cost and reduced the overall schedule.

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